TESCO has announced it will cut stocking densities for fresh chicken in its ‘core ranges’ from the second half of 2025.

The UK’s largest retailer made the move following a majority of other supermarkets either cutting stocking densities or adopting the ‘European Chicken Commitment’.

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It means retailers stocking birds at the Red Tractor standard of 38kg/sq m will be in a significant minority from next year.

Tesco said it would “invest in its existing supply base to help with the transition”, adding it had already “committed to an additional £12m in financial support for its British chicken farmers and suppliers over the course of 2024/25”.

Natalie Smith, head of sustainable agriculture & fisheries at Tesco, said: “We know how much our customers care about animal welfare, and we’re committed to improving standards across our ranges wherever possible, while maintaining great value and quality for customers.

British agriculture

“That’s why over the course of the next year, all our core fresh chicken will be grown to higher welfare standards, with over 20% more space than the industry standard.

“This move reaffirms our commitment to British agriculture and is a significant step-up in welfare standards for the poultry industry in the UK.

“Thanks to this move, customers can continue to make better, more sustainable choices while still enjoying the same great value.”