THIS YEAR’S World Egg Day campaign will highlight eggs’ nutritional value beyond their well-known status as a high-protein food.

The International Egg Commission (IEC), which coordinates the day, said eggs had been recognised as a “protein powerhouse” for many years.

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But perhaps less well known is the broad range of essential nutrients they offer that are essential for all stages of life.

The promotional activity will seek to change that, with the idea that eggs are “much more than the perfect protein”.

It takes place this year on Friday, 9 October, and egg farmers, companies and anyone in the supply chain are encouraged to take part in helping to promote eggs.

‘Vitamin pill’

“Containing the majority of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants required by the human body, eggs are often referred to as natures ‘vitamin pill’, and for good reason. Eggs contain 14 essential nutrients, including vitamins A, B and E, as well as folate, iron and zinc,” the IEC said.

“Eggs provide one of the highest amounts of choline in any natural food source, an often-under consumed but critical nutrient for neurocognitive development and health.

“This has resulted in eggs being recognised as an important food group, particularly for pregnant and lactating women, in many regions around the world.

“Another essential nutrient which can be found in eggs is vitamin D, which is key to strengthening healthy bones and teeth.”


The IEC will also seek to promote eggs’ sustainability criteria. “Eggs are considered a low environmental impact protein source owing to new efficiencies and ongoing commitments made both on-farm and in the egg supply chain.

“They require very little water use, and the overall footprint of the egg has significantly reduced over the last 50 years.”

To help the egg industry prepare for this year’s World Egg Day, the IES has put together an information pack which includes template press releases, key messages that focus on a variety of positive messages, and social media tools.

The World Egg day Information pack, logos and country celebrations can be found on the IEC website.