AVIAGEN UK has announced the winners of its 2020 Ross Flock Awards, which celebrate farmers who deliver top breeding stock performance.

Overall winners were P.D Hook Breeders North, which achieved 173.93 chicks per hen housed (chicks/HH), outdoing their 2019 winning result of 167.97 chicks/HH.

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The top nine 2020 Ross UK flocks scored an average of 165.1 chicks/HH.

This year’s winners are part of a five-year average upward trend, which has seen improvements of an added 12.5 chicks/HH and 9.7 total eggs, along with 2.7% greater hatchability.

Aviagen UK’s general manager, Blake Williamson, said: “During the height of the pandemic, our customers were on their farms every day, looking after their birds.

“They should all feel proud that, despite the many challenges the industry is facing, they have kept putting food on every table in the UK.

“I thank them for that and celebrate their achievements.”

‘Hard work’

Stuart Thomson, head of sales and Technical at Aviagen UK, added: “it was due to the hard work, attention to detail and tending to those flocks 24/7 that enabled the genetic potential of Ross birds to shine.

“Our performance in the UK has gone from strength to strength, and our winners are part of that success.

“On behalf of the entire Aviagen team, I congratulate them for this amazing accomplishment.

“They are truly an inspiration to breeder growers in the UK and beyond.”