A TWO-YEAR campaign has launched that will promote the value of European poultry to consumers and foodservice professionals on the continent.

It brings together national poultry organisations from France, Germany, Italy Poland and the Netherlands – as well as the European umbrella association for poultry Avec. The European Commission has supported it.

A communication campaign will run in those six countries across different channels, including through a new website – www.eu-poultry.eu.

Advertising, events and social media campaigns will also form part of the campaign.

“Our products are very much appreciated by EU citizens, and their popularity continues to grow. Our idea is to inform them about the improvements that the sector has achieved over the recent years,” said BIrthe Steenberg, secretary-general of Avec.

The campaign will also seek to build awareness of the versatility of poultry, encouraging consumers to learn more about the different types and parts of poultry, and providing inspiration for its preparation.

The campaign also produced a fact file about the structure of the sector, which can be downloaded by following the link, below.