TWO agri-tech firms exposed to the poultry sector have won a share of UK-Canada government funding aimed at helping agriculture meet its net-zero targets.

In partnership with Canadian firm TrustBIX Inc, the UK’s Arden Biotech has been awarded £248,000 to embark on a two-year project to expand in Canada and other livestock sectors.

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Arden Biotech, founded by the team behind Arden Wood Shavings, has developed a novel bacteriophage cocktail, a natural feed supplement to combat Clostridium perfringens, enhance gut health and reduce the risk of Necrotic enteritis.

And Devenish has partnered with Mara Renewables Corporation, receiving £384,000 to develop the “next generation” of algae-derived products for use in poultry production.

The key objective of this project is to develop a more sustainably produced, nutrient-dense, chicken that will provide a rich source of omega-3 oils in the human diet while enhancing the overall efficacy of poultry production.


Overall, seven agri-tech firms have won a total of £2.2m to develop new technologies.

The money is being awarded through UKRI’s UK-Canada: enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability competition.

UK and Canadian companies were brought together through online and in-person events to identify and build project concepts in sustainable agriculture.


The winning projects had to demonstrate a clear plan to improve productivity, increase sustainability and help move towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2040, in addition to showing market awareness and a developed commercial plan.

Farming minister, Victoria Prentis, said: “We must all work together to tackle the impacts of climate change and ensure our food production and farming techniques are sustainable, profitable and support long-term food security.

“This investment provides a valuable boost to the sector.

“The UK is at the forefront of efforts to develop sustainable agricultural technologies and practices in collaboration with our international partners.”