GALLUSMAN, a subsidiary of Ukrainian egg giant Ovostar Union has joined a partnership to build a €100m egg production facility in Latvia.

The new plant is expected to export 90% of all production as part of the parent company’s ambition to expand sales in European countries and beyond.

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The investment will make Gallusman the largest producer of egg products in Northern Europe, it said.

It is a partnership between Gallusman and Nordic energy company Adven.

Gallusman’s parent company Ovostar is a significant producer of egg, with a company flock just shy of eight million hens. It is focused on exports.


Esko Aho, Adven chairman, said: “The project of this scale is significant not only for Latvia but for the whole Northern Europe region. ADVEN is proud to be part of it, as this will give a positive contribution to the Latvian economy and increase its competitiveness.”

An environmental impact assessment is taking place, which is expected to conclude at the end of this year, with construction set to start in 2021.