THE AMERICAN EGG BOARD (AEB) has launched a new certification scheme for food manufacturers who wish to highlight that they use real egg in their products.

It is designed to give consumers a clear indication that the egg used in their products is not a synthetic substitute.

The label, which is available by application, will improve transparency and give consumers confidence in manufactured products, the AEB said.

A survey tied with the launch of the new label suggested more than 80% of shoppers who bought egg products said the new label would positively influence their purchase, while 82% felt the seal indicated a high-quality product.


“Eggs are recognized as one of nature’s most perfect foods, and one of the most popular foods among Americans today. In fact, consumer demand for eggs and egg products has reached its highest levels in 50 years,” said Anne L. Alonzo, president and chief executive of the American Egg Board.

“The AEB developed the Made with REAL Eggs certification process to help assure that what is inside a package or on a restaurant menu is the high-quality, authentic ingredient consumers demand.”