ANALYSTS are reporting shortages of vitamin C as rumours circulate that it can prevent or treat coronavirus.

The unfounded sentiment that the vitamin may be beneficial to sufferers of covid-19 has resulted in sales increases of 146% in the US and more than 400% in China, according to the benchmarking service Glowlit.


Its chief executive, Guy Soreq, said that demand had translated to potential shortages in the feed additive market.

“Vitamin C was traded at 2.66 Euro per KG in the beginning of February,” he told Poultry.Network. “The most recent confirmed order we saw entered ran at 6.02 Euro per KG,” Mr Soreq said.

“In the animal nutrition market, where Vitamin C is a critical ingredient in feed, buyers questioned whether their suppliers could continue to supply in the face of increasing demand.

Supply challenge

“These buyers, fearful of impending shortages, reacted by purchasing additional stock.

“Cascading disruptions in the market shot the price of Vitamin C further upward. Since the start of February, the price of Vitamin C has more than doubled, and stock is hard to come by,” he said.

Vitamin D3

Another additive experiencing a price spike is Vitamin D3 500 – caused by a shortage of gelatine. In late January it was trading at 10.9 Euro per KG, according to Glowlit.

Offers are now coming in at 80-90 Euro per KG, Mr Soreq said.