NOBLE FOODS is expanding its tree planting scheme to help increase tree-cover and biodiversity levels across its company-owned farms.

Volunteers from Noble Foods’ Gainsborough Poultry site planted over 950 trees across three days to help improve the overall tree canopy.

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Noble Foods colleagues Zoe Harding-Hubbard, Kriss Brown, Lee Green and Kat Harvey worked among Beckingham Farm’s free-range flock, who were naturally very inquisitive and in the long-term will benefit from even more natural shade.

The additional trees, including Crab Apple, Elder and Hazel varieties, will link existing areas of woodland together, to further enhance biodiversity levels on site.

Tree planting is important to Noble Foods and is part of the company’s overarching Biodiversity Action Plan – which aims to sustain and increase biodiversity levels across all owned sites.

Interact with environment

This recent tree planting brings the total number planted by Noble Foods to over 4,900 this year.

“The way we interact with our local environments has been core to Noble Foods for quite some time”, said Glenn Evans, Noble Foods’ group head of sustainability.

“Our business is very closely connected to nature, so being proactive and passionate when it comes to the environment is so important to all of us.

Our plan is to have Biodiversity Action Plans in place for all our sites by 2025. These plans will help us action the building blocks we need to encourage wildlife and improve biodiversity levels for the future.”