Update: 1 April 2.01pm. This story was an April Fool 🙂 Thanks to Clarence Court for sending it.

CLARENCE COURT has launched a world-first range of eggs from hens whose diets have been enriched by fermented apples.

The eggs are described as having a ‘tangy apple’ flavour and came about by chance when farmer Mike White discovered his hens ranging in a neighbouring orchard on apples.

Retail analyst Avril Pheul said the new range could prove popular with millenial consumers who commonly spend weekends indulging in ‘boozy brunches’.

Clarence Court is one of the UK’s best-known premium egg brands and has a range of speciality eggs, each with distinct characteristics.

There are Burford Browns which boast flavoursome golden yolks, water-coloured blue Old Cotswold Legbars, bright Leghorn Whites, creamy Braddock Whites, Cornish Blue duck eggs, and quail eggs.

Now, joining that lineup are the ‘Boozy Burfords’.

“Our Burford Browns love to roam around our farm, and I decided to let them into our apple orchard to allow time for their traditional grazing grounds to repair,” said Mr White.

“I saw that they loved pecking on the fermented apples but I didn’t think much of it until my wife noticed that the eggs had a mild apple taste!”

For more information, visit: https://www.clarencecourt.co.uk/boozy-burfords/