POULTRY.NETWORK and Alltech have teamed up to highlight bright new entrants representing the next generation of broiler and egg farmers.

Our new video series will feature poultry producers blazing a trail in their business, combining high welfare, strong production performance and innovation.

Ivory Arden

Our second Poultry Prospect is Ivory Arden, who has always had a passion for poultry and an eagerness for enterprise, from rearing rare breeds in her garden to rearing over 4,000 partridges for the local shoot.

It was in 2015 when Ivory hit 18 years of age, that the Lincolnshire arable farm where Ivory was raised, diversified to accommodate Ivory’s desire to join the business.

And today Ivory single-handedly manages 128,000 birds, 4 units, and 10 part-time staff.

View our latest video from Ivory Arden, where she talks people management and poultry enrichment.

Henry Gibbs

View the second Poultry Prospects video from Henry Gibbs, in which he details the biosecurity routine he employs on his farm every day.

Our first poultry profile was Henry Gibbs, a newcomer to free-range egg production who set up his new unit to diversify his family farm business.