RSPCA Assured has launched a second micro-documentary featuring farms in its supply chain, this time on a free-range egg farm.

The 10-minute film focuses on laying hens and is aimed at the 64 million or so people in the UK who eat eggs – about 97% of the UK population. 

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It visits The Mac’s Farm, a free-range organic egg holding in East Sussex and covers topics such as different methods of egg production, egg codes, shell and yolk colour. 

It outlines the RSPCA’s position on caged hen production, as well as male chick culling.

Two shorter videos will also be published in the coming weeks honing in on specific areas of egg production. 

 Xenia Kinglsey, RSPCA Assured’s senior marketing manager, said: “In this second episode of Welly Vision, we aim to continue educating people about the challenges of farming animals for food, with the ultimate goal of highlighting the importance of higher welfare labels. 

“After the huge success of episode one, which focused on pork production, we’re really excited to see how this latest instalment is received.”

Welly Vision will also be promoted with TV advertising from 5 November on Channel 4, Sky Max, Sky Showcase, Sky Atlantic, Food Network, More 4, Eden, HGTV, and video-on-demand services from 4-10 November. 

Bake Off

Peak spots will include slots during Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice. 

The TV ad will feature highlights from both episodes one and two of the micro-documentary series.

 Further, the campaign will be supported by full-page print ads in Sainsbury’s, Olive, Delicious, Foodism and BBC Good Food magazines, as well as social media ads and organic posts. 

The first episode of Welly Vision, which looked at pigs and pork production, was broadcast in August this year. Future episodes of Welly Vision, focusing on meat chickens and turkeys, will be launched in 2022.