The whole egg sector is being encouraged to come together and celebrate the nutrition and versatility that the humble egg offers.

This year’s World Egg Day will take place on Friday, 13 October, and is a fantastic opportunity to promote eggs.

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The theme this year is: “Eggs for a healthy future”. It aims to highlight the power of the egg in improving nutritional, societal and environmentally sustainable outcomes, leading to healthier futures for all.

“World Egg Day celebrates the egg as an incredibly unique, accessible and affordable source of protein and essential nutrients,” said Greg Hinton, chairman of the International Egg Commission (IEC).

“This year, we want to shine a spotlight on the important nutritional attributes of the egg, as well as its versatility, showcasing how it can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways, any time of the day, all over the world.”

Environmentally sustainable

He continued, “Eggs can combat common nutrient deficiencies that often go unaddressed but are crucial for optimal health and performance.

“Beyond their nutritional powers, eggs are also one of the most environmentally sustainable animal-source proteins. They have the potential to play an increasingly important role that benefits both people and planet – all the more reason to celebrate eggs with us this year!”

World Egg Day takes place on the second Friday of October every year, and since the first event in 1996, celebrations have grown and evolved.

Last year saw more than 100 countries across the globe celebrate World Egg Day on social media as well as the return of in-person events post-pandemic, including competitions, digital campaigns and festivals to mark the special day.


To support egg businesses with celebrating, the IEC has created an industry toolkit which includes themes and key messages, ready-made social media graphics and inspiration from 2022’s activities.

This year for the first time, the IEC has also created a children’s activity pack to spread the message of egg nutrition to the younger generation.

The resources can be found on the IEC website.