JUST, a leading producer of plant-based egg substitutes, has announced a partnership with the largest supplier of processed eggs in the world, Post Holdings.

The firm, through its subsidiary Michael Foods, will be the exclusive manufacturer, supplier and distributor of Just Egg to foodservice and food ingredient customers in the United States.

The firm is the biggest egg manufacturer supplying the American foodservice industry.

It marks the latest move by the plant-based egg substitute brand to sign deals with established egg businesses and distributors.

Last year it announced a distribution deal with European poultry giant PHW Gruppe, and a manufacturing arrangement with Italian egg processor Eurovo Group.

‘New Partnership’

“We are excited about this new partnership,” said Mark Westphal, president of Michael Foods.

“Eggs will continue to be a nutritious and affordable staple in America’s diet, and Just’s plant-based egg products offer a great complement to our value-added eggs by allowing customers to serve every consumer their preference.

“Working together, we are bringing innovation and options to the food industry.”

‘Proudest moment’

Just’s chief executive Josh Tetrick added: “Signing this partnership is one of the proudest moments in our company’s journey to build a better food system.”

Just Egg is a plant-based egg substitute sold to caterers as a pourable liquid designed for scrambles, omelettes, quiches, stir-fries and baking applications; and a fluffy, pre-baked folded egg patty.

Its principal ingredient is a protein derived from mung beans.