ZINPRO recently celebrated 50 years in business with a global town hall event broadcast from its Minnesota headquarters.

The animal nutrition specialist marked its first half-century on 18 May with hundreds of employees tuning in to celebrate.

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Zinpro was incorporated in 1971 by Dean and Mary Anderson as a small organic trace mineral company and soon began marketing its first product, ZINPRO 40 (ZINPRO zinc methionine).

Mr Anderson realised zinc could improve animal nutrition and performance.

This process delivered the mineral to the animal’s bloodstream through a unique pathway for absorption – the amino acid transporter – and resulted in exceptional uptake.

Science-driven nutrition

The early discovery was advanced through further studies and peer-reviewed research and established Zinpro as an authority on science-driven animal nutrition.

Zinpro began quickly developing additional trace mineral products and marketing its solutions on a global scale.

“We recognise the bold vision and determination that have led this company from its humble Minnesota roots to the global, family-owned business it is today,” said Rob Sheffer, president and CEO of Zinpro.

“Zinpro’s founders had an incredible passion for improving animal health and wellbeing through mineral nutrition – and it’s a passion shared by our customers all over the world.

“We are excited to continue this partnership for the next 50 years and beyond, helping to drive better animal health outcomes, greater resource efficiency and sustainability, and ultimately business success for our customers.”