ZOETIS has said that investment in its production process for a Marek’s disease vaccine will ensure improved supplies for poultry producers in the UK.

The firm said new “streamlined production processes” had been put in place to ensure a regular and reliable supply of Poulvac CVI + HVT Marek’s vaccine after a period in which supplies had been constrained.

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The inoculation combines the Rispens CVI strain and the HVT strain to protect highly contagious viral disease.

“Marek’s disease remains a major problem for the poultry industry,” said John Kenyon, Zoetis national veterinary manager for poultry. “

“To increase protection, it is a good idea to combine the CVI and HVT vaccine strains, and the new supplies of our vaccine help to make this more feasible.


“Currently in some longer-lived broilers and backyard laying hens a vaccine composed of just a single serotype is used, but it is advantageous to use a combination of serotypes to boost immunity further.”

Marek’s vaccination with Poulvac CVI + HVT can be performed in the hatchery via subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.